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Frequently Asked Questions
about Bona Vita RX Age Defense Beverages

What is Resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a phytoalexin, a chemical substance that is produced by plants when it is under attack by bacteria or fungi, in essence it is an antibiotic. It gained extreme interest from the scientific community when Dr. David Sinclair, Professor of Pathology at Harvard University published the promising research done on resveratrol. Subsequent other studies have supported the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol. In many cases, obese mice that were given resveratrol showed healthier heart and liver tissues, and a decrease in glucose levels. There has also been research that suggests resveratrol mimics the benefits of a calorie restriction diet which has been proven to increase lifespan. Dr. Sinclair is continuing his research in resveratrol and helping find a potential cure for type 2 diabetes and other diseases related to aging. For now, Resveratrol especially in its active form, is the most promising anti-aging supplement available today. Also please see Bona Vita Rx's Vice President Dr. Rafael Silva's video and explanation on resveratrol and the Sirtuin1 gene.
  Why does Bona Vita Rx use Trans-Resveratrol and what is that?
Trans-resveratrol is the active and more stable form of resveratrol and research has shown that exposure to UV light may convert it to the inactive, less stable form of cis-resveratrol. All Bona Vita RX beverages have been shrink sleeved to protect it from UV light and keeping the Trans-resveratrol active. Our active Trans-resveratrol is not a blend of resveratrol with other ingredients, it is just the active Trans-resveratrol designed to have increased bioavailability and absorption. The body does not metabolize our special blend of trans-resveratrol as quickly as other brands of trans-resveratrol, thus it stays active in the blood plasma for a longer period of time. Our active Trans-resveratrol has been lab tested and certified. Lab tests have confirmed the presence of the active Trans-resveratrol in the blood stream which seems to peak at 30 minutes after ingestion.
  How much is the recommended dosage of resveratrol?
The jury is still out on this one but the daily dose can range anywhere from 20mg to 500mg. During his appearance on Good Morning America Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended starting with a low dosage of Resveratrol and working up to a maximum does of 500mg. Each of our beverages contains 100mg or 100,000mcg so if you drink the one of each of the entire system, your total daily dose would be 300mg or 300,000mcg.
  I hear that Trans-Resveratrol becomes inactive in certain pH levels, is that true?
Yes, this is true, Trans-resveratrol turns into its inactive cis-resveratrol form if it is not formulated within the correct pH range. At Bona Vita RX, we have spent a great deal of time and research to make sure that our Trans-resveratrol remains potent and active, thus delivering optimal results. Our beverage was developed within the optimal pH range ensuring that the resveratrol remains active.
  How much resveratrol does a glass of wine have?
This is the most common question for wine lovers but one that cannot easily be answered. The content of wines vary greatly depending on the types of grapes that wine was made with as well the actual wine making process and the region of the world where the wine was made. For instance, some Spanish white wines contained higher levels trans-resveratrol than some Pinot Noirs. In general, the trans-resveratrol content varies per 5oz. serving of red wine varies from 0.24mg - 1.89mg or 240mcg - 1890mcg.
  Why did you choose a PET bottle instead of Glass or Aluminum?
The main reason why we chose PET, is simple, it is the most environmentally friendly of all beverage containers. PET leaves the smallest carbon footprint for the environment when compared to glass or aluminum. In the most recent studies on green house emissions, it was found that producing PET had the lowest Green House Gas emissions at 314.9lbs/1000 units. PET bottles are also recyclable. Please click on the following links to view the full articles on why PET is the greener choice:
  What is the purpose of shrink wrapping the entire bottle, is it just for looks?
We decided to shrink wrap the entire bottle for a very important reason and that is to prevent leeching of the vitamins & minerals from the beverage. When a beverage containing vitamins & minerals is exposed to UV light, this can cause the essential vitamins and minerals to leech out. It can make the health benefits of the drink less potent and in some cases, non effective. As time goes by, this UV light exposure will get worse making the beverage less and less effective as time goes by. UV light can also adversely affect flavor as well as color. So, yes, even though our packaging is beautiful & aesthetically pleasing, we did it mainly to protect the contents of the beverage.
  Why did you choose to make a sugar free drink?
With the growing epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes in adults, we felt that we needed to make a healthy, delicious, functional beverage that is also sugar free. It took us almost a year to get the formula just right because we wanted the perfect balance of flavor, fragrance and function. We believe in improving the quality of life through good nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices and exercise. Research has shown that many Americans are so addicted to sugar that within a space of one year, they consume as much sugar as their own body weight! Giving the people a healthy and delicious sugar free alternative is a move towards breaking the addiction to sugar. Please view the video of our CEO, Dr. Melinda Silva, talking about the growing obesity epidemic in the United States.
  I'm confused, are the recommended dosage in mcg or mg?
The daily dosage should be in mg, not mcg. There are 1000mcg per 1mg. Our beverages contain 50mg or 50,000mcg of active Trans-resveratrol. Some supplement manufacturers use mcg to appear to have a larger dose and to confuse the consumer into thinking they are consuming a larger dose. Please read your labels carefully so you will not be fooled by clever marketing gimmicks.We have labeled our beverages very carefully & honestly in compliance with the FDA so you can easily see what you are ingesting. We do not feel it necessary to fool our consumers with misleading sales gimmicks. We are proud of our products and we stand by them.


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